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Aditya Birla Group – Taking India to the World!

Aditya Birla Group LogoYou need to have some sympathy for someone trying to erect an identity for a boring corporation when it’s as diversified a conglomerate as it can be. And when they do remarkably deliver even on such mammoth uphill task credit is indeed due. We’re talking about the corporate ad of India’s age old Aditya Birla Group that has interests ranging from telecom to traditional industries like textiles & mining.

A young flag bearer is seen sprinting with the group’s logo enduring harshest circumstances across the different countries where the group counts a presence when he witnesses warm embrace from the locals everywhere he goes! What begins with a Vande Mataram chant ends with the group’s tagline Taking India to the World!

From walking on the water splash to moving into a manless desert all the while when your allies at different places pick even the faintest cues to make fire out of water droplets and spit them to stimulate a tree in another part of the world the second coming of the ad is indeed refreshingly new!

Evoking the inner spirit either by ringing a bell or through a thumping beat of the giant drums is one thing but creativity reaches stratospheric proportions when a violin is made out of a sheath of grass or when droplets of falling water are turned into a guitar string and your corporate tune is made out of them. It doesn’t stop there until a flying martial artist moves along a bamboo forest trying to amplify the tune and it only gets intense until a swarm of birds move in tandem to the tune.

How else would you interpret than to see the fire emitting from the drums at the end as them telling us that there’s still firepower left in their corporate armory?

When they finally say they’re Taking India to the World, it’s a declaration! Not less 🙂