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The Quintessential Taj

Quintessential TajTaj Hotels’ ad is absolutely a class. In essence the perfect evolution of culture &  civilization is captured in under 6 minutes. From time-travel to the modern workplace that it is today as portrayed should resonate well with the globe trotters used to staying in such class hotels. What starts as a message for business travelers gently changes tone to talk to pleasure seekers.

Naturescapes in soothing blue water, momentary pink witnessed occasionally during dusk, and lush green underwater houses are sure a feast for the eyes. Back to business now with how office hours these days are conducted on balconies while enjoying a pot of hot tea. And in between these shifts you are also reminded that their presence from New York to London and elsewhere are perfect for both these needs.

How nice would it be if you were just let to indulge in endless glasses of your favorite drink on a beach table. And what if that’s merely dubbed as a pastime while the true escapade of your dreams is about the glorious plunge from pier to nowhere. That’s how the ad turns tone to talk about the brighter life.

And imagine if your dream holiday becomes the source of ultimate awakening after you’ve just fallen for the perfect sin. As they mean business again a bunch of pros in table etiquette are shown dining together. They choose to call it civilization instead!

As it draws to a close, one is also told how all this has been a part of their journey for centuries now. And then the quintessential Taj Hotel the one address that has stood the test of times is revealed.

A quintessential class act indeed!