I Am Chevrolet!

I was still in school when TVCs introducing a new brand called Chevrolet screened across channels of all genres from sports to vernacular entertainment. The well orchestrated brand entry aided by spectacular launch campaign commercials helped the brand win the hearts of millions right from its launch. I have chosen to blog on this topic for two reasons: i) I like brand entries and launch campaigns for a fact. ii) Like I mentioned in the first post of this blog, I can never resist the temptation to blog on brands that are so close to my heart.

Dwelling deep into the launch commercials one would find that the TVCs were simply stunning. The message was about a bold brand yet it was conveyed in such gentle fashion that it sparked of a mild curiosity among viewers on what this new campaign called โ€˜I am Chevroletโ€™ was all about. Igniting that gentle curiosity was an intentional drive and was in fact executed flawlessly by exercising thorough restraint from either talking anything about cars or touting the legacy that the brand has in other existing markets. All that was conveyed by the commercials was the message that something new is coming your way which will form an integral part of your life [Cars are still a luxury in the majority of India though ๐Ÿ™‚ ] and thatโ€™s none other than me Chevrolet – one of the most renowned car brands that many in its niche target segment may already be familiar with.

Careful choice of elements like the Sun, Rain, Joy, Smile and so on combined with a soothing background theme make the ads very attractive. The two verses found on the two versions of the ads are below.

Version I:

I am the Sun

I am the Rain

I am the Prize

I am the Smile

I am your Neighbour

I am your Prayer

I am Chevrolet!

Version II:

I am the Sun

I am the Song

I am the Love

I am the Lamp

I am the Joy

I am your Prayer

I am Chevrolet!

If there is one thing stands out in the campaign and the brand in general it’s the ability to gel well with the culture of the landscape and that too almost instantly and with ease.


2 responses to “I Am Chevrolet!

  1. True. I remember the sudden rush of emotions when I heard the background score. Felt like straight out of a syrupy movie. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Reblogged this on Sendhil's Cyber Home and commented:
    Excellent ads, I was looking for these ad films for a long time.

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